Haryana Govt. to Open 2000 Retail Outlets under Cooperative Scheme

The Haryana Government is in the process of opening 2000 multi-brand retail outlets in the state to encourage young entrepreneurs to start businesses. The retail outlets will be opened as part of the new brand ‘Harit’ of the Cooperative Department of the state. These stores will have products from the own brands of the state such as Vita as well as other items from other states like dairy products, fruit juices, bottled water, items prepared from Self-Help Groups, etc.

While announcing this scheme, the Chief Minister has also stressed on the ordinances related to the agriculture sector in the state. He has stated that some people with vested interests are trying to spread false information but the state is committed to the upliftment of the farmers. As per his statement, the schemes launched by the government will encourage the diversification of crops as the farmers will get wider market access. The government has already launched the ‘Mera Pani Meri Virasat’ Scheme in order to ensure crop diversification in the state.




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