Haryana Government bans gutka, pan masala

Haryana government has completely banned the gutka, pan masala and other similar products containing tobacco in the state for one year from September 3, 2015.
In this regard State Food and Drugs Administration has issued notification in the interest of public health.
The ban includes manufacturing, distribution, storage and sale of gutka, pan masala, flavoured or scented tobacco, kharra and other similar products containing tobacco. The ban also includes mix of other ingredients such as heavy metals and anti-caking agents.
These substances were banned due to presence of Nicotine which already has been added by state government in the list of poisons substances notified under Haryana Poison Possession and Sales Rules, 1966.
Addition of Nicotine in this list means that it is mandatory to follow the same rules which were applicable on those indulged in possession and sales of already notified poisons.



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  • Sunil Chauhan

    These Items should be banned permanently .It is dangerous for health