Haiyan, most power typhoon ever, batters Philippines

The central islands of Philippines were slammed by category-five typhoon Haiyan. The typhoon has been recorded as the strongest recorded typhoon to make landfall. It forced millions of people to flee to safer places or take refuge in storm shelters.
The category-five super typhoon with 275 kph (170 mph) wind gusts and 5-6 metre (15-19 ft) waves smashed the islands of Leyte and Samar.
As per meteorological forecast, Haiyan is likely to pass close to the Philippines’ second-largest city Cebu, home to around 2.5 million people, and also strike the capital Manila. According to experts, super typhoons and cyclones with winds around 300 kph are so powerful they can blow apart storm-proof shelters due to the huge pressures they create, which can suck walls out and blow roofs off buildings.

Typhoons in Philippines

Philippines are frequently hit by typhoons. An average of 20 typhoons slam into the island nation every year. In 2011, typhoon Washi took lives of 1,200 people, displaced 300,000 and destroyed more than 10,000 homes. Typhoon Bopha last year shattered three coastal towns on the southern island of Mindanao, killing 1,100 people and inflicting damages estimated at $1.04 billion.

  • Before Haiyan, the world’s strongest recorded typhoon, cyclone or hurricane to make landfall was Hurricane Camille in 1969, which hit Mississippi with 190 mph winds.



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