Gujar Mal Modi Award for Science & Technology

The Modi Group hands out the Gujar Mal Modi (GM Modi) Award for Science and Technology to scientists and faculty for outstanding contributions to science.?

What is the GM Modi Award for Science and Technology?

  • The GM Modi award aims to acknowledge the excellence in scientific research and development being done by the faculty and scientists in India.
  • It has been instituted as an annual award by the G.M. Modi Foundation.
  • The award is given to a scientist of eminence is shortlisted for having made an outstanding contribution to science & technology and is presented with this award on the 9th of August every year.
  • This award aims to acknowledge and reward the excellence in research and development in India and awards for the outstanding contribution by an individual to Innovative Science & Technology in India.
  • The GM Modi award currently consists of a scroll of honor, a silver shield and a cash prize of Rs 2.01 Lakh.
  • The GM Modi award was launched in 1988 and is on the birth anniversary of Rai Bahadur Gujar Mal Modi who was one of the greatest industrialists of India and was the founder of the Modi Group.

This year’s awards

This year’s awards were given to Prof. S.K. Satheesh and Dr. Maharaj Kishan Bhan. While?Prof. S.K.Satheesh is the Chairman of Divecha Centre for Climate change and a professor of Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at Indian Institute of Science and has been awarded for his contributions to helping understand the significant impact of Light in absorbing atmospheric aerosol particles, Dr. Maharaj Kishan Bhan has been awarded for his work on the development of a Rotavirus vaccine

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