GRID 2020 report: Over 5 million displaced in India in 2019

The Global Report on Internal Displacement, GRID 2020 released by Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, IDMC said that over 5 million people have displaced in India in 2019. According to the report, this is the highest in the world.

Highlights: World

According to the report, around 33.4 million people faced displacements in the world due to conflicts and disasters. They are spread in 145 countries. In 2019, around 75% of the disasters were triggered by disasters. Out of these, 95% were due to weather hazards such as floods and storms.

The disasters were dominant in the regions such as East Asia, South Asia and Pacific. Of all, India, China, Bangladesh and Philippines each recorded more than 4 million displacements in 2019.

Highlights: India

According to the report, social and economic vulnerability, hazard intensity and high population were the major reasons for the displacement. The report says that 2.6 million people in India suffered displacement due to south west monsoon. Around 19,000 faced displacement in the country due to conflicts. They were mainly high in the regions of West Bengal and Tripura.


The report demands greater political support. It also suggests increased investment in development sectors and humanitarian sectors.




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