Govt doubles compensation for martyr’s families

Recognizing the bravery and valour of Indian soldiers, the government has more than doubled the ex-gratia lump-sum compensation for the widows and families of martyred soldiers. The move has come at a time when many soldiers have lost their lives in cross-border firings across the LoC following the surgical strikes.

Key facts

  • The revision of compensation has been done after over 16 years. The revision of compensation was first done during the tenure of Atal Behari Vajpayee in 1998.
  • The areas and types of actions for which the compensation would be paid have been increased. The operations of the Navy and Air force to evacuate Indian citizens abroad have also been included.
  • The ex-gratia lump-sum compensation has been increased in five major categories. For deaths caused due to accidents in course of performance of duties, the compensation has been hiked from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. For deaths caused during enemy action in war or in a war-torn zone in a foreign country, the compensation has been hiked from Rs 20 lakh to rs 45 lakh.
  • The ex-gratia lump-sum compensation would be paid entirely from the welfare fund of the government. This will be separate from the insurance and other funds to which the soldiers are entitled to.


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