Government’s plans to recruit 90,000 soldiers for China border

As per the news published in Newspapers, ministry of defence (MoD) has approved a ` 64,000 crore military modernization plan that would include raising four new divisions along the India-China border.

  • Two of these would be part of a Mountain Strike Corps dedicated to offensive operations. The plan also includes raising two independent brigades, one in Ladakh and the other in Uttarakhand.

Government is planning to increase the strength of the Army by almost one lakh soldiers over the next five years, to face the growing Chinese military presence along the border and other complex security challenges in the region.

If this plan is cleared, this would be the biggest ever modernization and expansion package for the Army.

  • It would also be the largest increase in deployment along the China border seen since the immediate aftermath of the 1962 war.

The plan has been sent to finance ministry for scrutiny and approval. Once cleared, the proposal would be put up before the Cabinet Committee on Security for approval and financial sanction.

  • It’s worth note that in the 11th Plan, the Army’s strength was augmented by 36,000 for two new divisions.

Please note that on China Border, at present there are 7 divisions (around 15,000 soldiers each), including a reserve division; 2 more divisions being raised. Of 7 divisions, one is in Ladakh, 3 in Sikkim, two divisions and a reserve division in Arunachal Pradesh 2 brigade groups (at least 5,000 soldiers each) in Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand.

The proposed reinforcement includes 4 more divisions, 90,000 more soldiers at Rs 64,000 crore.

  • Largest Armies: At present, the largest militaries are of China 22.85 Lakh, United States 14.77 Lakh, India 13.25 Lakh and Russia 12Lakh.

Apart from that, some military expansion is planned in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands also. At present, Army has just a brigade of soldiers in the islands. This is expected to be stepped up to the strength of a division. There are also plans to increase air force and naval capabilities in Andaman and Nicobar as well as along the China border.



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