Government planning to set up of Cyber Warrior Police Force to tackle internet-related crimes

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has decided to set up Cyber Warrior Police Force (CWPF) and Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) to tackle internet-related crimes such as cyber threats, child pornography and online stalking. These divisions will be set up under MHA’s newly created Cyber & Information Security (CIS) Division.

Cyber Warrior Police Force (CWPF)

The CWPF is likely to operate under National Information Security Policy and Guidelines wing of MHA’s CIS division. It is proposed to be raised on lines of Central Armed Police Force (CAPF). So far, there has been no decision on the CWPF’s jurisdiction, where it will derive its powers or personnel from and whether it will be empowered to make arrests.


CIS Division was created in November 2017. It has four wings, namely Security Clearance, Cyber Crime Prevention, Cyber Security and Information Security Wings each headed by Under Secretary level Officer. Its two divisions cybercrime and information security have already begun operations. It is also proposed to appoint the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Deputy CISO.
MHA has already issued communique asking states/UTs to consider setting up state as well as district cybercrime coordination cells. The State Cybercrime Coordination Cells be headed by additional director general (ADG) or inspector-rank official, and district cybercells by a deputy superintendent of police (DySP) or additional superintendent of police-level official. The State cyber security cells will form foundation of centralised CWPF.



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