Google doodle 'Daredevil motorcyclists-The Tornadoes' celebrates India's 65th Republic Day

Screenshot_13India’s 65th Republic Day celebrated on January 26, 2014 is being marked with a Google doodle portraying “Janbaz (Daredevil) motorcyclists”.

The Daredevil motorcyclists representing a unit of the armed forces, are seen carrying the doodle which has been painted in the colours of the Indian national flag. Unlike many of Google’s previous doodles, this doodle doesn’t have any animation. It is clickable and takes one to information and search results about the Republic Day of India.

“The Tornadoes- Janbaz (Daredevil) motorcyclists” –  team has many world records to its credit, the most famous being the “Largest Human Pyramid of 251 men on 11 motorcycles, which was established on June 11, 2008 in Jabalpur. The second record successfully achieved was the fastest human pyramid of ten men on two motorcycles.



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