GoI to boost Saffron and Heeng Production

Saffron and Heeng are the most precious and valuable spices in the world. The Institute of Himalyan Bioresource Technology has partnered with the Department of Agriculture, Himachal Pradesh will join hands to boost the production of Heeng and Saffron in India


The annual demand of Saffron spice in India is 100 tonnes per year. However, its average production is only 6-7 tonnes a year. Hence, a large amount of Saffron is being imported. Similarly, there is no production of heeng in the country. Around 1200 tonnes of Heeng is imported from Iran, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

What is the plan?

Currently 2,825 hectares of land in Jammu and Kashmir is under Saffron cultivation. Now, Saffron cultivation is to be introduced in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh as well.

Plan for Heeng

Heeng is a perennial plant. It produces oleo-gum resin from its roots after 5 years of plantation. Around 750 hectares of land are to be covered for heeng plantation. Through the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Palampur located institute has introduced 6 accessions of Heeng from Iran. The institute also standardized the protocol of production as per Indian conditions.


The partnership is to provide immense benefits to the state of Himachal Pradesh. The partnership is to increase farm income, rural development and livelihood promotion. This is to be achieved through transfer of innovations, skill development, capacity building.

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