GoI launches “Krishi Rath” application for hassle free agri transportation

On April 17, 2020 the Government of India launched the “Krishi Rath” application to help farmers to transport their agriculture produce to the mandis.

Key Features of the application

The farmer has to post the quantity of agricultural produce he wishes to transport. After posting, he will get the availability of truck and price quote for the load. The prices quoted are from the transport aggregators. Once the farmer confirms, he will get details of the transporter. He can then directly connect with him and negotiate for prices.

The load availability posted by the farmer will be visible to both traders and transporters

For Traders

The traders can learn farm produce from the application and can consolidate loads posted by different farmers. With this he can easily arrange trucks to collect from multiple farmers. Currently, 5.7 lakh trucks have been listed and more are expected to join.

What was the earlier system?

The Custom Hiring Centres provided tractors to transport agriculture produce at optimized cost. There were more than 14,000 CHCs that were having more than 20,000 tractors.

Benefits of the App

The application will help in delivering timely service. It also offers competitive price. The rating option of transporters will help in providing quality services.

Lock Down

The GoI has currently exempted inter-state movement of agricultural produce from lock down




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