Goa Revolution Day

Goa Revolution Day was celebrated on June 18. It commemorates the end of the 435-year-long oppressive Portuguese rule in Goa.

Significance of the Day

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia and Dr. Juliao Menezes urged the people of Goa to stand against the oppression from the Portuguese and to fight for their freedom in a public meeting held on 18 June 1946.

In the public meeting, they urged the people of Goa to strive for a common cause of a better life, a prosperous future by putting an end to the oppressive foreign colonial power that was choking the life out of Goa.

The turnout was so massive that the police decided to arrest both Dr. Lohia and Dr. Menezes. This day proved to be a watershed day in the history of the freedom struggle of Goa. The inhumane treatment vetted out towards the protestors by the Portuguese police left a long-lasting impression on young Goans. Since then, 18th June is remembered as the Goa Revolution Day.


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