Goa Government accords heritage spirit status to country liquor Feni

Goa government has classified Feni, country liquor as the heritage spirit of the state.
In this regard, state government has opined not categorise it as country liquor as it is presently defined under the Goa Excise Duty Act, 1964. State government also has proposed to bring an amendment to the Act to change the status.
Key facts

  • Feni is a form of spirit produced exclusively in the coastal state of Goa. It is a distilled brew made from coconut or cashew fruits.
  • It was accorded Geographical indication (GI) tag in 2000. It was the first liquor product in the country to obtain this status.
  • It is synonymous with the state ethos and identity and is used in various cultural traditions, cuisines as well as known for its medicinal value also.



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