Global Hunger Report 2012: India placed 65th

India was ranked at 65th position on the Global Hunger Index released by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Welthungerhilfe, and Concern Worldwide.

What was the theme of the report?

The theme of the report was “The Challenge of Hunger: Ensuring Sustainable Food Security under Land, Water, and Energy Stresses”.

As per the report:

  • There is a proportional growth in hunger decline of people worldwide but the pace of progress was terribly slow and alarming.
  • 20 countries across the world mainly from South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa to be highly alarming and have highest level of hunger.
  • The nations that made absolute progress b/w 1990 Global Hunger Index to 2012 Global Hunger Index were Bangladesh, Angola, Malawi, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Niger, and Vietnam.
  • 15 countries have managed to curtail it by 50% or more.
  • India trails behind in improving its position in Global Hunger Index chart. It was ranked 65th in the list of 79 countries in the global Hunger Index.
  • China placed at 2nd place, Pakistan at 57th and Sri Lanka at 37th position.
  • Bangladesh, India and Timor-Leste have highest prevalence of underweight children under the age group of 5 years, which records to more than 40 % in each country.
  • After Timor-Leste, India with 43.5% of its children less than 5 underweight, stands at 2nd spot in the list of the 129 countries compared for underweight child.


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