Germany celebrates 25 years of unity

Germany celebrated 25 years of reunification on 3 October 2015 marking the day in 1990 when communist East Germany and capitalist West Germany reunited country.
On this occasion of silver jubilee celebration, Germany has organised a street party at the Brandenburg Gate as the symbol of German unity.
Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck also attended the ceremonies in the business capital Frankfurt with the resonant slogan overcoming borders.
Both of the leaders had grown up in East Germany and Merkel was a scientist in East Germany, while Gauck was a pastor and a pro-democracy activist.
Currently the re-unified Germany has emerged as a leader and economic powerhouse of Europe.
On 3 October 1990, Unification Treaty came into effect uniting two halves together of then divided Germany. Since then this date is marked as Germany’s national day.
This treaty came into effect one year after the fall of Berlin Wall which had separated the capital city into two parts comprising communist East Berlin and democratic West Berlin in Germany from 1961 to 1989.



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