Gaza Marks Anniversary of Protests

Many hundreds of Palestinians have gathered at the border of Israel-Gaza fence to mark the first anniversary of the Great March of Return protests. People had gathered despite facing the Israeli tanks and troops which had built up on the fortified border. Many live rounds, rubber bullets and even tear gas had been used by the Israeli troops on the gathering protestors yesterday, leading to killing of three 17-year old boys and wounding another 207 people as per the figures given by the health ministry of Gaza.

The Health Ministry of Gaza stated that one teen Tamer Aby el-Khair had been shot in the chest in the southern part of Gaza and had succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. Another teen, had also died after he had been shot in the far-eastern end of Gaza City. The third boy who was also in teens had been killed by a gunshot by Israeli soldiers.

Palestinians are looking trying to stay on in the border as they demand that they should be allowed to return to their land from which they had been forced out in 1948 when Israel had been founded. They also want that the 12-year old blockade of Gaza imposed by Israel and Egypt should be ended.

The area had experienced heavy rain but it was not able to stop people from gathering. Nearly 40,000 people had gathered at the frontier. Although the protestors were staying away from the fence yet many also threw stones and other explosives like tires ablaze on the Israeli army. Israeli Army said that it was resorting to the means of riot dispersal and also firing as per the standard operating procedures. The huge numbers which had gathered at the border despite the presence of Israeli military was a proof that the people of Palestine will not stop their protest unless they get their rights were granted. It has been a year since the border of Israel with Gaza has been a scene of massive protests and also major incidents of bloodshed which had left nearly 260 people dead. As many as 7000 people have been wounded by live bullets fired on by the Israeli army.



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