Ganga-Volga Dialogue held with Russia to enhance Connectivity

The Ganga-Volga Dialogue was held between India and Russia in New Delhi. The dialogue focused in providing interface between the civilizations of the countries.


The dialogue prioritized people-to-people contact. According to Russia, the dialogue acted as a good platform for its policy of “Greater Eurasia”. The Dialogue was held on the following theme

Theme: Connectivity

The Dialogue also focused on Digital Connectivity, culture, tourism, healthcare, manufacturing technology, economy, entrepreneurship, etc. The aim of the dialogue is very similar to the International North-South Transport Corridor.

Proposals Discussed

The dialogue discussed the following key proposals

  • The impacts of rapidly changing international situation.
  • Ways of implementation of decisions taken in India-Russia Summit held in September 2019 at Vladivostok. As an outcome of the summit India agreed to extend a line of credit of 1 billion USD in order to develop far east Indian companies of Russia.
  • The development of economic activities in the riverine systems of Ganga and Volga.

Other Discussions

During the dialogue India placed its state of not being into any military alliance in the Quad grouping. This is important for India to keep its trade and defence relations between with Russia and USA balanced. Also, India’s policy of SAGAR Indian Ocean were also discussed. The relations between India and CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) were also discussed.




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