Free Virus testing to be offered in Xinjiang Province in China

The capital of Xinjiang Province in China, Urumqi, is planning to offer free coronavirus tests so that the fears of an outbreak that has led to a lockdown of housing compounds and closure of malls and hotels can be quelled to some extent. The testing facilities will be conducted in two phases in Urumqi. People in residential areas who have had direct contact with those who are confirmed or suspected to be infected will be tested first and then the residents in other housing compounds and government and civil servant institutions will be tested in the second phase of the process.

On July 18, 13 cases were found in the province and all were locally-transmitted. The city now has 30 confirmed cases and 41 asymptomatic carriers since it reported its first case in 5 months on July 15. Residents have been banned now from leaving their housing compounds and provisions have been made separately for those who are sick or are in special conditions so that they do not face any issue.

People coming from other provinces to Urumqi will be quarantined for seven days.




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