France to ban Café Terrace Heaters from Next Year

France plans to ban heaters used by the restaurants and cafes on the outdoor terraces from the next year onwards as the country is planning to shift to a low carbon economy very soon. This is part of the resolve of the country to end ecologically destructive practices that have totally unjustified energy consumption records.

However, the government has also announced that the program will come into force from the end of the coming winter to give the businesses time to adapt as the sector is already hit very much by the COVID 19 pandemic.

France is one of the countries in Europe determined to tide over the economic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus by shifting to a low carbon economy. The government has also promised 15 billion euros of new funding for a greener economy. There will be moratoriums on new commercial zones in the city outskirts to help protect small city retailers and prevent wasted journeys. But at the same time, people will travel less with this scheme and that will reduce the overall carbon emission in the country.

The overall environmental legislation is going to be drafted soon and will be reviewed by the Parliament early next year




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