France Law against Islamism

The French Cabinet recently presented a draft law that targets “Radical Islamism”.

Key Features of the Proposed Law

  • The law aims to envisage range of measures that includes school education reforms to make sure Muslim children do not drop out of school.
  • It aims to provide strict controls on preachers and mosques.
  • The law will provide rules against hate campaigns online.
  • When the law comes into force, the French mosques will see increased surveillance on their activities, especially financing.
  • The French Government under the law will be empowered with greater powers to shut down places of worship. These places of worship are those that receive public subsidies. They will be shut down if they go against the republican principles such as gender equality.
  • The Community leaders being targeted by extremist PUTSCH will receive protection under the law. PUTSCH is a violent attempt to overthrow a government.
  • The law will severely suppress the home-schooling of children over three years. This is because through this, the parents enrol them in underground Islamic structures.
  • The law will punish doctors issuing virginity certificates.
  • The law will ban the officials from granting residency permits to polygamous applicants.
  • The law allows to interview couples separately prior to their weddings to find out if they are forced in to marriage.

Reaction from the world

The Turkish President Recep Erdogan has strongly criticised the law calling it “An open provocation”. Egypt top cleric has called the French President “Racist” for bringing up the law.
The French elections are due in 2022.




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