France attacks ISIS in Iraq

French have joined the US campaign against ISIS in Iraq. In a first move against the militant outfit, French jets pounded a logistics depot held by the Islamic State for over 3 months. French President had agreed to join the coalition forces in combating the growth of black terrorism which has taken huge territory by brutalizing local Shiite populations and also resorting to mass executions. The pictures of the latter ripped the heart of the world. President Hollande has promised more strikes in the coming days.
The French action has got its deserved share of endorsements from the top clerics in Iraq. The latter at the same time also raised a flag that Iraqi government in seeking foreign help which it needs the most should not become subservient to them and maintain reasonable autonomy over its course and decisions.
Shi’ite leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has a worldwide following and is considered to be the voice of Shia population of Iraq. His views are widely respected and valued by the ruling government. ISIS which rose to prominence in a blitzkrieg hold vast Sunni areas and are very close to Iraqi capital of Baghdad. Washington had started air-operations against the black terrorist outfit in August, when they were about to march into the Kurdish areas and also massacre the Yazidi tribe. US had according to its policy as laid down by President Obama in his national address on September 11, had started to gather support in favor of a coalition against the ISIS. The US has successfully involved 40 nations in his combined action against IS. France is the first of the coalition forces to have taken the airstrikes after US.