Forbes Data: Delhi has world’s most CCTV Cameras in Public Places

According to Chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi has surpassed the megacities like Shanghai, New York and London in having the greatest number of CCTV cameras installed per square mile.

Key Points

  • CM cited a Forbes India report on most surveilled cities across the world.
  • Forbes India report has ut Delhi on the top with 1,826.6 CCTV cameras per square mile.
  • Delhi is followed by London with 1,138 cameras per square mile.
  • Chennai was placed at third place with 609.9 CCTV cameras.
  • Report placed Mumbai at 18th place with 157.4 CCTV cameras per square mile.
  • Delhi was ranked at 1 among 150 cities of the world. Delhi has three times more CCTV cameras than Chennai and 11 times more than Mumbai.

CCTV Project

The CCTV project was launched under the larger action plan of government to enhance women safety Delhi. This project was also the main aspects of the manifesto of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in 2020 assembly elections. In the first phase of this project, government installed about 275,000 cameras in city. Currently, second phase of the project is running under which government has aimed to install 140,000 cameras in city.

Significance of the CCTV

All the CCTV feeds are highly secure. Its hardware is monitored by the community. These feeds are accessible only to authorised users. CCTV system itself is capable of automatic health check-ups that in turn detect disturbances and intrusions.

Forbes India

It is the Indian edition of Forbes and is managed by Reliance Industries-owned media conglomerate called Network 18. It was founded in 2008. Its magazine is published fortnightly.




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