First Phase of RTIS enabled system commissioned by BEL

To increase the operational efficiency and providing to provide an improved passenger safety, the state-owned aerospace and arms manufacturing company and a leading Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), Bharat Electronics Ltd has commissioned the first phase of the real-time train information system (RTIS) for Indian Railway. RTIS provides real-time information about the position of locomotives to the Railways. The train controllers can track the location and speed of the RTIS-enabled locomotives and trains. With the technical guidance of the Space Applications Centre of ISRO, the system has been built through the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS).

Under the technology created by the Bharat Electronics, the RTIS enable locomotives will be plotted automatically in the control chart of trains at the Control office of the Railways, from were without any manual interventions, the controller will be able to track the location of the train which will provide a better and smooth control of the RTIS enabled locomotives and the entire system comprising of all its application software such as HUB Networking System (NMS), etc have been developed in India.



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