First Hindu Temple in Islamabad

On June 24, 2020, Pakistan began its construction of first Hindu temple in Islamabad. The estimated construction cost of the temple is Rs 10 crore.


The temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is to be constructed in the Pakistan soil. It is considered as the first Hindu temple in Islamabad. The ground breaking ceremony for the temple was performed by the Parliamentary secretary of Pakistan.


There were several temple structures in Islamabad prior to 1947. However, they were abandoned and not used. There is also lack of crematoriums for the minorities in Islamabad.

The temple complex will also hold a cremation site apart from the space for its structures.

Hinduism in Pakistan

Hinduism is the 2nd largest religion in the country after Islam. As of 2010 census, Pakistan has the fifth largest Hindu population in the world.


The religious beliefs of the Hindus are believed to have descended from the Indus Valley people that evolved in Pakistan part of South Asia.




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