Father of modern Nepali music Ambar Gurung passes away

Father of modern Nepali music and composer of the country’s national anthem Amber Gurung passed away in Dhapasi. He was 79 and was suffering from diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.
Gurung was composer, lyricist and singer. He had composed Nepal’s National Anthem Sayaun Thunga Fulka Hami (written by Byakul Maila) and more than a 1,000 songs.

About Amber Gurung

  • Born (on February 26, 1938) and raised in Darjeeling (West Bengal), India.
  • He was invited to Nepal in 1969 by the then King Mahendra Shah to lead the music department at the Nepal Academy of Arts and Literature.
  • His career spanned for four decades in which he had composed more than 1000 songs including many era-defining numbers
  • He had authored three books of lyrics and memoirs viz. Samaalera Raakha (1969), Akcharkaa Awajharu (2003). He also had authored an anthology of essays and memoirs, Kahaa Gae Ti Dinharu (2006).



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