Expert committee: "exact co-relation between radiation of communication towers and health of wildlife is so far not established"

In August 2010 an expert committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Asad Rahmani (Director Bombay Natural Society) was constituted by Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) to study the probable effects of communication towers on wildlife including Birds and Bees.
The Expert committee submitted it report to the MoEF. The key findings of the report were as follows:

  • The report confirmed that the EMRs (Electro-Magnetic Radiations) from the mobile phone and communication towers have an adverse effect on the health of human beings.
  • The precise co-relation between EMR and health of wildlife is so far not established.
  • Albeit existent literature describes undesirable effects of EMR on the biological systems of living beings, more research is called for to evaluate the proper affects of EMR on free-living floral and faunal species, including birds and bees in India.



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