‘Exercise Rahat’ Conducted in Jaipur

The Jaipur-based Sapta Shakti Command of the Indian Army is conducting ‘Exercise Rahat’, a two-day Joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Exercise on 11th and 12th February. After Jaipur it will be followed by Kota and Alwar. ‘Exercise Rahat’ is the eighth such exercise conducted by the Indian Defence Forces and involves all stakeholders at the national and state level.

Why do we Need the Exercise Rahat?

  • The major parts of Rajasthan lies in seismic zone II (least active), but parts of Alwar and Barmer districts come under seismic zone IV. This may be due to geographical reasons.
  • To make things worse there is hectic monopolisation of urban areas, unplanned expansion of population, large towns and cities of the state which increase the risks of earthquakes.
  • The Prime Minister in his Combined Commanders Conference – 2015 had said it is important to achieve ‘Disaster Resilient India’

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