Exercise ‘Apharan’ conducted by Southern Naval Command

A large scale Anti Hijacking Exercise named ‘Apharan’ was conducted off the Port of Kochi on Wednesday, 18th December 2019 by the Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy in collaboration with Indian Coast Gaurd (ICG), all concerned stakeholders and the Cochin Port Trust. This was the first time that such a large scale exercise was conducted in the state of Kerela with the involvement of all stakeholders, multiple agencies, and including more than 12 ships and helicopters from the Indian Navy, Cochin Port Trust and the Indian Coast Gaurd (ICG).
The exercise was aimed at streamlining the response preparedness and mechanism to thwart any attempt made by Anti-National Elements to attempt forced entry of a rogue/commandeered merchant vessel into Kochi harbour or to hijack a merchant’s vessel.
During the exercise, as a part of the scenario, a rogue vessel interdiction outside Kochi port and insertion of Marine Commandos onto the rogue/hijacked vessel through boarding operations, from a Sea King helicopter by slithering down onto its deck, was exercised.



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