Encouraging Recruitment in the Indian Armed Forces

The Indian Armed Forces which consists of over 1.4 million active personnel who serve in the three branches of the military (Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force) along with the Indian Coast Guard and other associated branches. BY virtue of its strength, the Indian Armed Forces are the world’s 2nd largest military force and also, have the world’s largest volunteer army.


  • However, the Indian Armed Forces is facing depleting force numbers and this has become a major cause of concern for the policy planners of the government.
  • In the officer cadre, out of the total authorized strength of around 77,500 officer posts, over 9,400 posts lie vacant.
  • Of the total authorized strength (1.4 million) of personnel below officer ranks, over 70,000 positions lie vacant. Hence, the government is working hard to attract talent in the armed forces.

What the government has done?

  • To encourage children to take an interest in the armed forces, the Government has established a ?Facilitation cum Publicity Pavilion (FCP)? at the National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi.
  • It has also launched a new 3D mobile game ?Indian Air Force: A Cut Above? which would contain various missions and air combat scenarios which had been undertaken by the IAF in the past. Given the immersing and appealing manner of the game, the players playing the game would be able to experience a realistic sensation.

What is the Facilitation cum Publicity Pavilion (FCP)?

The FCP is an effort by the recruiters to tap into the potential of the 7.5 lakh children who visit the Bal Bhavan every year.

It will comprise of a Flight Simulator, positions to take selfies in various IAF paraphernalia, miniature models of IAF aircraft, kiosk to tell career options in the IAF, digital flexes, etc. ?

It is hoped that the children will be made proud and be motivated to join the Indian Air Force.



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