“Email Miles”- Tracks how far our email has traveled

Email miles is a new GPS based system that tells us how far our email has travelled. This new technology uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and internet tracking to calculate the number of miles an email has travelled before reaching an inbox. 
About the new technology “Email miles”

  • A free and open source plug-in for standard email software.
  • Inventor: Jonah Brucker-Cohen
  • The system tracks where a message was sent from and where it was received and calculates the total distance between the two and displays it on the screen alongside a map.
  • The system does all of its time and distance calculations using the internet and a ‘coordinate mapping system’. When all of the mileage amounts are tallied, it adds them all and provides the user with a map, the countries, continents and miles the email traveled.
  • In other words, Email miles show how indirect the route of emails can be.



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