“Elektro Dumper”- The world’s largest electric vehicle

In a revolutionary development in the field of electric vehicles for the world, an automobile company has unveiled the new “Elektro Dumper” which is the world’s largest electric vehicle currently.

About the Elektro Dumper?

  • The Elektro Dumper is a mining quarrying dumping truck which is currently working in the quarries at Biel, Switzerland.
  • This giant truck has the dimensions which are over 30-feet long, 14-feet wide and over 14-feet tall.
  • The empty weight of the truck is over 45 tonnes of which the weight of the electric battery is over 4.4 tonnes.?
  • The battery has a capacity of 600 kWh. To put things into a better perspective, the average Indian home uses only 800 kWh per month.
  • The Elektro Dumper does not require any power to be recharged. It produces a power surplus of 200 kWh per day.

How does the truck generate energy?

  • The truck generates energy through the phenomenon of regenerative braking.
  • In every electric vehicle, the electricity is stored in a battery which is then used to power the electric motor which moves the wheels of the vehicle either directly or using a driveshaft.
  • An electric vehicle can use regenerative braking to recharge its batteries by using a regenerative brake which generates energy as the shafts of the vehicle are spinning.
  • Regenerative braking is possible as the electric motor can act as both a motor and a generator as the spinning of the wheels around the shaft will lead to the generation of electricity as the vehicle is slowing down.




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