Eid-Al Adha or Greater Eid is being celebrated across the world

Eid-Al Adha or Greater Eid is being celebrated by the Muslims worldwide today in order to commemorate the obedience of the Prophet Ibrahim when he submitted to the will of Allah and agreed to sacrifice his son Ismail. Millions of Muslims across the globe come together to celebrate this festival of sacrifice.


This is an occasion of joy and peace where the Muslims celebrate with their families. However, it varies from one country to another in terms of traditions and festivities. There are different practices in some of the following countries:

  • In the USA and Europe, Muslims usually skip breakfast and go to their local mosque for prayers and the Eid sermon. Afterwards, they return home for an elaborate meal with family, friends and neighbours.
  • Commonly known as ‘Eid-el-Kibr’ in Egypt, the day there begins in a largely traditional way, with prayers and sermon followed by a large family gathering.
  • In Pakistan, it is celebrated with a 4-day religious holiday, rather than the 3-day celebration in most other countries. All the shops are closed and people spend the day in prayer and performing the Qurbani sacrifice.
  • The holy festival is known as ‘Kurbanir Eid’ and it is observed both as a religious one and also a festal one. The preparations start one month before the festival and the slaughtering of cows, goats and buffalos go on for two-three days.

What is Qurbani?

Qurbani is known as a religious obligation for all adult Muslims of sound mind and who possess the minimum level of wealth. They are expected to donate for the cause of their fellow Muslims around the world.




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