‘Dosti’: Trilateral coast guard exercise by India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka

India, The Maldives and Sri Lanka are holding the 15th edition of the biennial trilateral coast guard exercise ‘Dosti’, in the Maldives.

Key Facts

  • Year 2021 marks the 30th year of Dosti Trilateral Coast Guard Exercise.
  • The exercise was started on November 20 and will conclude on November 25.
  • During the five-day exercise, Indian Coast Guard vessels namely ICGS Apoorva & ICGS Vajra joined Sri Lanka Coast Guard vessel named SLCGS Suraksha.

Aim of the exercise

The tri-lateral exercise ‘Dosti’ was organised with the aim to further fortify the friendship, to build cooperation between Coast guards of three countries and to enhance mutual operational capability & exercise interoperability. This exercise is significant for India because Maldives & Sri Lanka are of strategic importance to India & its maritime security interests.

About Dosti Trilateral Coast Guard Exercise

The Dosti Coast Guard Exercise was first launched in 1991. These exercises were bilateral earlier, involving Indian coast guard and Maldives Coast Guards. Sri Lanka joined these exercises in 2012 for the first time. Since then, it has become trilateral exercise.

Scope of the Dosti Trilateral Coast Guard Exercise

The scope of these exercises is wide. Such collaborations help at the time of maritime accident or ecological disaster like oil spill. These exercises help in developing a better understanding of coast guard of other nation. It will also help in enhancing coordination during different missions.




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