Dataset Search: Google launches new search engine for scientific community

Search engine giant Google has launched Dataset Search, a new search engine for scientific community that will help them make sense of millions of datasets present online. It will also help scientists, data journalists and geeks to find data required for their work and their stories or simply to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

Dataset Search

The new search engine will work like Google Scholar, which is company’s popular search engine for academic studies and reports. It will help to find datasets wherever they’re hosted, whether it is publisher’s site, digital library or an author’s personal web page. It can be used to find references to most datasets in environmental sciences, social sciences, as well as government data and data provided by news organizations. It will have twin benefits of creating data sharing ecosystem that will encourage data publishers to follow best practices for data storage and publication and give scientists way to show impact of their work through citation of datasets that they have produced.



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