Current Affairs – May 6, 2021 [Daily News Digest]

GKToday provides daily summary of important Current Affairs Topics selected from National and International News. Here is the list of articles covered under Current Affairs May 6, 2021.

What is COVID Loan Book?

The Reserve Bank of India recently opened an on-tap liquidity window of Rs 50,000 crores. Note: On-tap means ready to. On-tap liquidity window is funds that are to be provided immediate…..Read Here

What is Section 142 of Social Security Code?

The Ministry of Labour and Employment recently notified Section 142 of the Social Security Code, 2020. The Section covers applicability of the Aadhhar. Why was Section 142 notified? The…..Read Here

What is Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights of drones?

The Ministry of Aviation (Government of India) recently allowed twenty entities to conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BLVOS) flights of drones. What is Beyond Visual Line of Sight? It…..Read Here

Strategic disinvestment and transfer of management control in IDBI

The Union Cabinet recently approved the Strategic Disinvestment and transfer of management control in IDBI bank. Current Scenario The Government of India recently holds 45.48% stake in …..Read Here

RBI’s second purchase under G-SAP 1.0

The Governor of Reserve Bank of India Shaktikanta Das recently announced that the apex bank will make the second purchase of Government securities under the G-Sec Acquisition Programme …..Read Here

S&P cuts India’s GDP growth forecast to 9.8% for FY22

The US based rating Agency S and P recently cut the growth forecast of India to 9.8% for 2021-22. In March 2021, the agency expected 11% GDP growth in the country. According to the agen…..Read Here

Hoolock Gibbon: India has only one species

Hoolock Gibbons are lesser apes. They are the second largest of the Gibbons after Siamang. Earlier it was said that India (North East India) is home to two species namely Eastern Hooloc…..Read Here

Yamatosaurus izanagii: New species of duck-billed dinosaur

An international team of Palaeontologists (who studies fossils) has identified a new genus and species of hadrosaur. Hadrosaur is also called duck-billed dinosaur. The species has been …..Read Here

Oldest Human burial in Africa discovered at Panga ya Saidi cave

The scientists have found the oldest human burial in Africa. The site is 78,000 years old. The cave site was discovered near Kenyan coast. The site is called “Panga ya Saidi”. The r…..Read Here

First Genetically Modified Mosquitos

A Biotech firm in the United States, Oxitech, recently launched the most controversial field test of Genetically Modified mosquitos in Florida. What are these Genetically Modified Mosqu…..Read Here

Special Kharif strategy for 2021 season

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare recently formulated a special Kharif Strategy. This strategy is to be implemented in the Kharif season 2021. About the strategy A detaile…..Read Here

What is UDID Project?

The UDID project is under implementation since 2016. The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities recently made it mandatory for all states and Union Territories to issue …..Read Here

GNAFC’s Global report on food crises

The Global Network Against Food Crises (GNAFC) recently released the “2021 Global Report on Food Crises”. The GNAFC is an international alliance formed by the European Union, United…..Read Here

Lineament: Cause of Assam Earthquakes

An unfamiliar lineament is the major factor behind frequent earthquakes in the Sonitpur area of Assam. According to Geological Survey of India (GSI), the earthquakes in the region are f…..Read Here

Climate Action Tracker: Global warming by 2100 to be at 2.4°C

The Climate Action Tracker recently released a report calculating the impacts of the recent US Climate Summit. According to the report, even after implementing the ambitious climate goa…..Read Here



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