Current Affairs – January 12, 2021 [Daily News Digest]

GKToday provides daily summary of important Current Affairs Topics selected from National and International News. Here is the list of articles covered under Current Affairs January 12, 2021.

Heritage Conservation Committee

The Supreme Court recently cleared the Central Vista Project that covers a three kilo metre stretch between the Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate. Following this, the Heritage Conservat…..Read Here

Legal Entity Identifier System

The Reserve Bank of India recently announced the introduction of Legal Entity Identifier System. What is Legal Entity Identifier System? The Reserve Bank of India introduced the Legal E…..Read Here

Pope’s Amendment of Church Law

Pope Francis recently changed the Church laws to allow women to do more things during Mass. The law that defines proceedings during Mass and in Altar is called Code of Canon Law. This l…..Read Here

National Youth Day: January 12

Every year National Youth Day is celebrated on January 12. It is also called the “Yuva Diwas”. The National Youth Day is celebrated to create awareness about rights of people in Ind…..Read Here

Sea Vigil 2021

The second edition of coastal Defence Exercise Sea Vigil-21 is to be conducted between January 12 and January 13, 2021. What is Sea Vigil Exercise? The Sea Vigil exercise will be undert…..Read Here

One Planet Summit

The One Planet Summit was held on January 11, 2021. The summit aims to advance the protection of nature. What is One Planet summit? The One Planet summit is an international event that …..Read Here

Management report of National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Union environment Minister shri Prakash Javadekar recently released Management Effectiveness Evaluation report of 146 National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The report is first of…..Read Here

Henley Passport Index – Update (January, 2021)

The Henley Passport Index was launched by the International air Transport Association. Around 227 different travel destinations are considered to launch the index. The index is released…..Read Here

Supreme Court suspends implementation of Farms Laws

The Supreme Court recently suspended the implementation of three farm laws to end the disagreement between the farmers and Government of India. What was the judgement pronounced by the …..Read Here

US names Cuba as State Sponsor of Terrorism

The United States recently designated Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. What is US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism? The United States lists the countries that repeatedly provide…..Read Here

Global Ebola vaccine stockpile

The Global Ebola Vaccine stockpile was recently established by four international health and humanitarian organizations. What are the four international organizations that established G…..Read Here

What is Insect Apocalypse?

The entomologists from all over the world attended the proceedings of National Academies of Sciences recently. According to the entomologists, the insect population is declining at rapi…..Read Here



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