CSIR to develop new drugs for global market

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) signed an agreement to develop new drugs and repurposing of drugs for India and for global markets. The team research work is also joined by Cipla.

What is Drug Repurposing?

Drug repurposing is identifying new uses of approved or investigational drugs. It is used to treat common and rare diseases. The main advantage of using repurposing drugs is its reduced development cost, shortened development timings and increased use of de-risked compounds.

Cipla association with the institutes

The association of Cipla with the institutes has its origin in 1942. Cipla has also worked with the institutes in formulating the famous drugs called chandonium iodide in 1995. The drug is used against neuro muscular blockers. The drug was a huge hit in Indian and global markets. The gugulipid drug used for treating hypolipidemic was also developed under such venture.


The CSIR having a pan-India presence is known for its research and development in S&T areas. It includes oceanography, space physics, drugs, biotechnology, etc. CSIR is currently implementing a mission “New CSIR for New India” to be completed by 2022. The vision of the mission is to enable innovation-driven industry and catalyze inclusive economic development.

The institute holds 84th rank among 4851 institutions in the world according to the Scimago institutions ranking world report.




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