Ministry of S&T launches Eco friendly crackers developed by CSIR

On 6th October, 2019, Ministry of Science and Technology launched new set of crackers called Eco – friendly crackers. These crackers help to reduce particulate emissions by 30% by producing same level of light and sound.

The crackers were developed by CSIR – Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. They were developed in the wake of SC directions on use and restrictions of fireworks


The Ministry has signed contracts with around 230 firework manufacturers to use the formulations developed by CSIR. The crackers are expected to reach markets for this Diwali.


The regular crackers release Barium Nitrate the main pollutant. It is now replaced with Potassium Nitrate. Also, crackers pollute the environment by leaving dangerous toxins, metal particles, smoke and harmful chemicals.

SC on firecrackers

In 2018, SC directed the CPCB – Central Pollution Control Board to monitor the levels of metals in the atmosphere before and after Diwali. Also, the court restricted the time of bursting crackers between 8 pm and 10 pm.

SC also encouraged use of green crackers and improved crackers. Improved crackers are those which use ash as filler and reduces the particulate emission by 15 to 20%. It also uses charcoal within the limit prescribed by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization. Green Crackers are those that reduces emission of Nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide and reduces the overall harmful particualte emissions by 30 to 35%.




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