CSIR-CMERI develops World’s Largest Solar Tree

CSIR-CMERI has developed the World’s Largest Solar Tree, which is installed at CSIR-CMERI Residential Colony, Durgapur.

Key facts

  • The installed capacity of the Solar Tree is above 11.5 kWp.
  • It has the annual capacity to generate 12,000-14,000 units of Clean and Green Power”.
  • The Solar Tree has been designed to ensure maximum exposure of each Solar PV Panel to Sunlight and also creation of the least amount of shadow area beneath.
  • The energy generation data can be monitored either real-time or on daily basis.
  • These can be aligned with Agriculture for substituting price-volatile fossil fuels.
  • Each Solar Tree has the potential to save 10-12 tons of COemissions being released into the atmosphere as Greenhouse
  • The surplus generated power can be fed into an Energy Grid.
  • The solar tree has the capability to incorporate IOT based features, i.e. round-the-clock CCTV surveillance in agricultural fields, real-time humidity, wind speed, rainfall prediction and soil analytics sensors.
  • Solar powered e-Suvidha Kiosks may also be connected to the Solar Trees for real-time access to the vast majority of agricultural database as well as to the eNAM i.e. National Agricultural Marketplace for instant and real-time access to a unified online market.

This Solar Tree is a Quantum Leap towards making an Energy Reliant and Carbon Negative India in compliance with the sustainable development goals.





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