Crime writer Ruth Rendell passes away

Renowned crime writer Ruth Rendell passed away on 2 May 2015 in London, United Kingdom. She was 85.
She was best-known for creation of fictional character Inspector Wexford, which was turned into a highly successful TV series in Britain.

About Ruth Rendell

  • Ruth Rendell was born on 17 February 1930 in Essex, United Kingdom.
  • Her career as an author spanned nearly 50 years and she had written more than 60 novels in a
  • She was also one of Britain’s best-selling contemporary authors, also authored novels under the pen-name Barbara Vine.
  • Her first Wexford book was From Doon with Death published in 1964.
  • Most of her works were translated into more than 20 languages and was adapted into cinema and TV series which had attracted worldwide sales of 60 million.
  • She has authored more than 20 standalone novels that were often based on the margins of society.
  • Ruth Rendell was awarded the Crime Writers’ Association Cartier Diamond Dagger for excellence in crime writing.



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