Copyright Amendment Bill, 2010 passed; Artists interests protected with newer issues addressed

The Rajya Sabha cleared the Copyright Amendment Bill, 2010.


  • The Bill amends the Copyright Act, 1957.
  • To remove operational difficulties and address fresher issues related to the digital world and Internet.
  • To bring Indian laws originally enacted in 1957 in conformity with international norms and World Intellectual Property Organisation, n order to protect the interest of artists.

The Bill changes to the rights of the authors of several types of work. The Amendment Bill:

a) Changes copyright provisions for films

b) Furnishes artists such as lyricists or composers greater control over rights in their work,

c) Widens the ‘moral’ rights that authors enjoy over their work and extends this right to performers.

The Bill also makes the following alterations to the rights of users of several types of works:

a) Now, Copyrighted works can now be produced in ‘special’ formats for the usage of disabled persons without infringing copyright

b) The Bill allows the free import of copyrighted works from other nations

c) The Bill dictates penalties for persons who outfox technologies used to protect copyright

d) The Bill furnishes for statutory licences to be issued to broadcasters and producers of version recordings.



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