Constitution (126th amendment) bill, 2019 introduced in Lok Sabha

The Constitution (126th amendment bill), 2019 was introduced in Lok Sabha on December 9, 2019. The bill seeks to extend the reservation provided to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes by 10 years.

Key Features

The reservation provided to the Anglo-Indian community, SC, ST is to end by January 25, 2020. The bill is being introduced to continue the reservation of seats for another 10 years, that is till January, 25, 2030.

The reservation has been included in Article 334 and therefore the bill seeks to amend the article.

Article 334

Article 334 lays down that the provisions for reservation of seats and special representation of anglo-indians, SC and ST will cease after 40 years. The clause was included in 1949. After 40 years, it is being amended with an extension of 10 years.

Constitutional Amendment

The Constitution Amendment is making changing in the constitution. According to Article 368, there are two types of Constitutional Amendments namely, the amendment effected by special majority and the amendment effected by special majority and ratification by at least one half of state legislatures.

Special majority requires ratification by two-third members present at the voting. At the time of voting, more than 50% of the total strength of the house should be present.




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