Conservatives win UK’s Third General Election in less than Five Year

The Conservative Party under the leadership of incumbent Prime Minister, Boris Johnson returned to power by winning 365 seats in the 650 seats House of Commons.
The Previous general election in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2017 where the Conservative’s under the leadership of Theresa May, falling 9 short of the majority mark by winning 317 seats, governed with the support of the 10 seats from Democratic Unionist Party. In July 2019, Boris Johson was elected as the leader of the Conservative Party and was appointed as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom following Theresa May’s resignation over parliamentary deadlock on BREXIT. However, Boris Johnson also failed to pass a BREXIT or a withdrawal agreement from the European Union in the House of Commons by the end of October 2019 which forced to call for a snap election as the House of Commons voted 438-20 in support of the Early Parliamentary General Election Act (EPGEA) 2019.
Boris Johnson was required to obtain a clear majority in the General Elections for accomplishing his main goal of taking the United Kingdom by the end of January 2020, out of the European Union.
With 326 needed for a majority in the 650 seats House of Commons, Boris Johnson’s Conservative party has a clear majority by winning 365 seats for BREXIT.



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