Conservative Right-wing Law and Justice Party wins 2015 Parliamentary elections of Poland

Conservative Right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) Party and Eurosceptic led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski has won the 2015 Parliamentary elections of Poland.
In this election, PiS Party won absolute majority by winning 235 of total 460 seats and securing 39.1 per cent of the votes.
The governing Civic Platform Party led by Ewa Kopacz emerged as largest opposition party by securing 23.4 per cent of the votes.
With this victory, the deputy leader of PiS Party Beata Szydło is set to become the next Prime Minister of Poland, succeeding Ewa Kopacz.
Three other parties also won enough votes to get seats in parliament. They are newly formed right-wing Kukiz’15 Party led by Pawel Kukiz (8.8 percent votes), newly formed pro-business Modern Poland Party (7.6 percent votes) and agrarian Polish People’s Party (5.1 percent votes).



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