Seven commodities granted Geographical Indication Tag

Seven commodities were granted Geographical Indication (GI) this year by the Indian patent office. It includes Banaganapalle mangoes (Andhra Pradesh), Tulaipanji rice (West Bengal), Pochampally Ikat (Telangana), Gobindobhog rice (West Bengal), Durgi stone carvings and Etikoppaka toys (Andhra Pradesh) and Chakshesang shawl (Nagaland). In 2016-17, as many as 33 items got GI registration.

Geographical Indication (GI)

A GI is primarily given to agricultural, natural or manufactured product (handicrafts and industrial goods) originating from a definite geographical territory for 10 years at a time. Typically, such name conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness, which is essentially attributable to place of its origin.
The GI tag gives protection to producers of these genuine products, which commanded premium pricing in markets, both domestic and international. Once the GI protection is granted, no other producer can misuse name to market similar products. It also provides comfort to customers about the authenticity of that product.


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