Colombia: 110 FARC cadres pardoned as part of the Peace Deal

The government of Colombia has pardoned 110 FARC rebels as a part of the peace deal which has put an end to 52-year old conflict. The pardons which have been granted apply only for the political crimes. It does not cover grave offences like rape and killings. All the pardons which have been granted will be reviewed by a judge before they come into force.

Also, another 5500 soldiers, police officers and other agents of state who have been convicted of minor offences which were linked to the conflict will also be released. The primary issue which has been a major hurdle has been the meting out of justice to the victims of the conflict.

FARC has also dismissed five of its commanders from units in the south-eastern jungle for refusing to join the peace process. The first deal was rejected by the Colombian voters in a referendum as it was too soft on rebels.

FARC which was launched in 1964 from a small peasant uprising is 5700 fighters strong at present. The conflict has claimed lives of 260,000 people and another 45,000 are missing.


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