Coir and Coir Products Exports from India touch All-Time High in 2019-20

The exports of coir and coir-related products from India have recorded an all-time high in 2019-2020 with the total value at Rs 2757.90 crores, up from the figures in 2018-19 in which the total value stood at Rs 2728.04 crores.

Among various products, hand-loom mats, coir yarn, rubberized coir etc. showed a decline in quantity exported but an increase in total value. On the other hand, items such as coir pith, tufted mats, coir Geo-textiles, coir rugs, etc. showed growth both in terms of quality and value.

Among all the products, coir pith accounts for around 49% of the total export value whereas coir fibre comes next with 18% of the total exports. Tufted mats made to the top of the list of value-added products. The best thing is that the exports of coir have always shown an increase only in the last year, bearing a positive sign for the industry. Even the domestic markets have also shown an increase in the demand for coir products during the last financial year.

In India, most of the exports of coir products take place through various ports such as Tuticorin, Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, Vizag, etc.




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