Climate Change affects children’s life in Bangladesh

Over 19 million children lives are at stake due to environmental disasters. The UNICEF said on Friday that the climate change is deepening its roots in the poorest communities. In Bangladesh, climate change has the potential to destroy the efforts made by the government to protect its people in seconds. As many children live in and around the powerful river systems of the world in Bangladesh, the banks burst regularly affecting their lives frequently.

There are 4.5 million children living in the coastal areas that are often stuck by violent cyclones. Apart from this there are half a million Rohingya refugees living in fragile bamboo and plastic shelters.

There are 3 million farmer communities in the inland living in draught conditions. Its weak infrastructure is the major cause of the disasters. River Brahmaputra floods frequently and in 2017 it inundated 480 health clinics. The Ganga ”Brahmaputra delta system is one of the worlds biggest and the most fertile delta systems.

The major cause of the catastrophic situation is climate change.

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