Cleanliness is next to Godliness: the new mantra to be chanted in government offices

PM Narendra Modi has issued instructions to keep their workplaces clean and stain free. The direction comes in wake of special mention of the idea of clean India which will enhance tourism prospects in India.
A special cleaning drive will be launched in offices of Department of Personnel and Training and also Ministry of Home Affairs to clean the spaces. PM has also instructed that all offices which involve intensive public interaction and visits should be kept clean to erase the common perception of public offices being shabby and dirty as compared to the private counterpart. The departments are also told to check and clear any unwanted and old files. There should be proper periodic checks and inspections to ensure the work is not ignored and stopped in between.
The orders also find their gravity as they are being sent in writing to all the secretaries by the top bureaucrat of the government. The orders state that special and persistent emphasis should be laid on cleanliness of offices and property. Taking urgent cognizance of the instructions which have trickled down from the top, all ministries have further instructed their staff to handle cleanliness effectively.
In another interesting and one of its kind type of instructions, the Central Board Taxes has told Income Tax Department that there should no dust in government offices, ACs, almirahs, stairs, or stains of Paan spread here and there.
Offices where construction materials keep lying, or old vehicles etc. are parked. The ministries will ensure that no such laxity is seen. This may seem to be a tall order for some of the government employees who have become so used to the status quo that cleaning will be taxing for them. The government’s initiative is laudable and will send a clear message to the general public about the commitment of the ruling party to stand-by its words. Such drives do make a difference, but the bigger question is, “will such drives be successful to change the public mindset to zero tolerance to dirty surroundings.



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