Now city-specific domain names (.london, .nyc, etc.)

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched city-specific domain names. To begin with this, dot London, the new domain for London, was launched marking the first time that businesses, organizations and individuals can apply for a web address ending in .london as an alternative to .com or
[icon name=”icon-question-sign”]How can these new domains be subscribed?
Individuals and businesses can apply for these names through well-known domain registration sites such as Domain names like .nyc, .miami, .vegas, .tokyo and .paris will be launched very soon. The price to register and keep a new .london name will cost roughly £30 to £50 ($50 to $85) per year.
[icon name=”icon-question-sign”]How these new domain names would help enterprises?
By registering a city-specific domain, local businesses can boost their online profile and influence. The new ‘.city’ names are expected to help local enterprises boost their web presence, enhance their online search rankings and increase their sales by directing locals and tourists to relevant nearby businesses.



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